Organize Your Campaigns to Maximize Paid ROI

June 16, 2016 Shulin Lu

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Like, many digital marketers, part of your marketing budget is probably devoted to leveraging AdWords campaigns that create a consistent user experience, with the ultimate goal of maximizing paid ROI.

It’s important not to take a the spaghetti-noodle-to-the-wall approach to these campaigns, since their success will be determined by clear-cut CPC and CPL metrics. Systematic Campaign Organization builds a solid foundation to expand online advertising effort by creating themed messaging via keywords, ad copies, and landing pages.

There are various ways to organize your paid campaigns. Generally, you can either build your campaigns horizontally or vertically. Let’s take a look at these two approaches:

Horizontal Campaign Build

When you have tightly themed ad groups, a horizontal campaign build is recommended to keep budget control and bid management on the front end. In the long run, when a campaign outperform its peers, you can add additional budget to keep momentum going. If not, you can turn the campaign off, without affecting other high performing ones.

A sample view:
organizing campaigns_horizontal build

Vertical Campaign Build

When you have a broad theme or many keywords in your ad groups, and do not want to rebuild existing campaigns, a vertical campaign build can be leveraged to keep customization of pages and quality score high. When the quality scores are raised, the CPCs are decreased and ad positions are improved. This means more business with higher ROI going forward.

A sample view:
organizing campaigns_vertical build

Ready to Get Started Optimizing Your Paid Campaigns?

With Captora’s Top of Funnel Marketing technology, marketers can create a consistent end-to-end user experience from keywords to ad copies to landing pages. When you optimize campaigns with relevant content, your revenue will grow along with ad relevance.

Download the ‘4 Trends in Paid Strategy for B2B Marketers’ eBook for more practical insights into how to optimize Paid!

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